Playoff Weekend 2014

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The playoffs will be held at Danson Park on the weekend of 10th - 11th May. Meridian will be providing catering during the day. There will not be any on site camping.


  • The ACM will be held on Saturday evening.
  • The Mens div 1 competition will run over both days
  • The Ladies div1 competition will be run over the Saturday only
  • The Div 1/2 playoff will be on Sunday
  • The Div 2/3 playoff will be on Sunday
  • The Div 3/4 playoff will be on Saturday


Please can all teams wishing to attend the playoffs email me with your confirmation as soon as you become eligible following completion of your leagues.

  • Div 1/2 - bottom 2 div 1 teams demoted, top 2 teams from each div 2 league go to playoffs making 4 teams playing for 2 spaces
  • Div 2 /3 - bottom div 2 team from each league is demoted, 2nd to last team from each div 2 league + the 2nd placed div 3 teams go to playoffs making 5 teams playing for 1 space
  • Div 3/4 - With the exception of Div 3 SW which will not have any teams demoted as it consists of 8 teams the bottom div 3 team from each league is demoted, 2nd to last team from each div 3 league + the 2nd placed div 4 teams go to playoffs making 6 teams playing for 2 spaces.


There will be no ladies playoffs. Please can all ladies teams confirm at the earliest opportunity their intention to play next season and at what level in advance of the entry forms being sent out as due to the current lack of teams the current structure cannot be maintained.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the League Organisers for running the leagues this season, without your help the competitions would not run.

Thanks & Regards



Efficient Use of Pool Playing Time

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It is crucial that all teams players and match officials play an active role at ensuring that we maximise our use of indoor pool time. This season there have been a couple of occasions when tournaments have overrun their allotted time. In each occasion there has been no reason other than games not commencing immediately the venue is available or the change over between games and halves being longer than necessary.

This causes significant issues in relation to the staff / premises operating practices and potentiality the costs each team incurs. All competition are calculated to ensure there is sufficient playing time, however to minimise costs there is little flexibility. It is therefore in your own interests to ensure that the time is used well.

Can I also remind all players, officials and spectators that it is essential we are at times polite and courtesy to all users and staff members. There is a reducing number of venues available to us and maintaining excellent relation with those that we currently is critical.

Dave Rawding
Chair CPC


Closure of swimming pools

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Polo Players,

The consultation around the potential closure of Coventry 50m pool is a real issue for our sport. Whilst we are endeavouring to play more outside we will continue to need access to suitable facilities including large pools.

I am aware that this is not the only pool under threat of closure. Therefore I thought might be useful to get an idea of the scale of this risk around the country so that I can appropriately brief the BCU and Canoe England.

I think the most appropriate way to deal with this is on a few fronts. Therefore I would encourage individuals, teams and clubs to do all they can to defend facilities through whatever consultation mechanisms are available. For Coventry please see - 
I will provide a position statement from the Canoe Polo Committee and subsequently ask for our National Governing Bodies to provide their perspective.

Whilst I appreciate some Local Authorities may intend to replace old pools with newer facilities our experience is that these are smaller and generally unaffordable.

Therefore if you know or suspect that a venue we use for polo is under threat please send me a short e mail explaining what you know and the timescales (we generally are planning 2 years ahead).

I appreciate some of this may be conjecture currently however as local authorities budgets reduce this will become a reality threatening polo development. Having a better knowledge of the situation allows us to take a more proactive defence of the venues we currently utilise.

E mail to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Dave Rawding
Chair CPC


Canoe Polo Level 1 Competition Coaching support module

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If you are interested in taking part in this course please contact Zoe for more details.

The day is designed for coaches from all paddle-sport disciplines who would like to deliver structured canoe polo sessions within their club or group and clubs who would like to develop their new coaches or polo players.

Date: Sunday 2nd March 2014

Venue: Kingston, Hull (Outside venue)

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


ACM & Election of Officers

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The ACM this year will occur at the play off weekend 10th May 2014 at Meridian's home venue, Danson Park, Danson Road, Welling, DA6 8HL. The exact location and times will be confirmed.

This is a significant event in the polo calendar and it is important that clubs are represented. So even if your team are not playing it would be a worthwhile trip to watch some great polo and also attend the meeting and help canoe polo move forward.

Whilst appreciating that meetings are not popular it is one of the few opportunities for the bigger issues to be openly discussed and your view to be taken into account. It is also when the committee officers are elected, both of which are essential to improving the sport.

This year a number of positions will become vacant and need to be filled. In the past roles have generally been filled by members of a few of the higher ranked clubs and whilst their efforts are appreciated this demographic hinders the breadth of experience within the committee. If you are interested in helping the sport then please ask for further information about those roles and other opportunities to assist. I am happy to speak to anybody as are the committee members, my mobile is 07817 611248.

The position of Chair will also become available, whilst this is out of the usual sequence for elected post's, I have taken the decision that I no longer want to fulfill this role. Unfortunately the shoulder surgery I had last year was more serious than anticipated and I can no longer play polo. After 35 years of competing this has been difficult to come to terms with and I have decided that I would like my voluntary input to canoeing to be in aspects of the sport, which I can still participate in.

Dave Rawding | Chairman


Cancellation of National Championships

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The Canoe Polo Committee have taken the decision that for the foreseeable future there will be no National Championships. The committee recognise that the entries for this event have fallen over the past few years as the popularity of 'friendlies' has increased. Recent rule changes also mean that the results are not relevant to European Cup qualification. Whilst we understand this may disappoint some teams, it is part of our strategy to create capacity throughout the year to manage the overall calendar more efficiently. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have in the past made these events a success.

Dave Rawding | Chairman


Reminder - Boat Checking

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Note to all Competitors  - 17/01/14

Boat Checking

It has been brought to the attention of the BCU Canoe Polo Committee that there are a number of "non approved" boats being used in the national leagues. It should be noted that if your boat is not listed as approved you are not permitted to use it.

Please go to the following link:

Should you require a boat to be tested please contact the chief referee Steve Watts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who can put you in touch with a boat checker in your area.

Many thanks
The BCU Canoe Polo Committee