Squads Training/Selection Weekend - Nov 7th/8th 2015

GB Canoe Polo Squads Training & Selection Weekend - Nov 2015

As part of the GB Squads 4 year programme of development the first full Squads Weekend of the 2016 Season is to be held at Hatfield Water Park, Old Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN7 6EQ, on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2015, commencing promptly at 9.30am on Saturday and ending by 3.30pm on Sunday.

The day is open to all Polo players who were involved in the squads during 2015 as well as previous squad members who have been involved at any time during the last 5 years, who would like the opportunity of trying out to join one of the GB squads for the forthcoming season.

Cost £70.00 per paddler.

Attendees will be reimbursed mileage costs but are expected to take all reasonable measures to minimise travel costs through car sharing.

Tea and coffee will be provided as will an evening meal on Saturday.

Paddlers will need to provide their own equipment and should bring breakfast, a packed lunch, snacks etc for each day.

To register your interest in attending, please email Chris Parkes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the following information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Contact number

4. Date of birth

5. Any special dietary requirements

The GB Squads are also seeking additional support for their managers, coaches and various administrator roles. If you are interested in assisting the Squads in any capacity please email Chris Parkes.

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The Essen Sunday blog

Sweltering at 32 degrees....

'woe, woe and thrice woe' - a touch of Shakespeare to start our educational blog today!

Woe 1... We, the hard pressed supporters, were actually charged to get into the venue today, 3 euros!! - unheard of!!

Woe 2... Our plucky U21 girls, who have been such a tonic to have around, struggled in their early morning semi against Poland.  Two early goals from Rhian set the first half pace with the team chasing everything, communicating well (2-1 GB) The second half saw Poland move up a gear putting four more goals away, final score Poland 5, GB 3.

 [Girls getting ready for their Semi]

The girls then braced themselves for a 3/4 playoff against France which - as usual - was a 'bit of a mare'.  Hanging on in the first half with goals from Holly and Jamie we were 3-2 down at half time, but then France romped home to the bronze medal - 10-4 at full time.  Heads up girls, you and the coaches have had a great championships and proved worthy tough competitors. 

Woe 3... Our young 'bucks', the U21 men, also in a semi final early morning against France.  This well organised fit squad kept their heads and took on the task in a clinical fashion, two goals from Ren and one from Nathan put us in a 3-2 lead at half time, but - such woe - the French powered back with three amazing goals in the second half to finish 3-5. 

The lads went into their 3/4 playoff against Germany in blistering heat.  We had an early penalty and then held them for most of the first half, Germany equalised within 1 minute before half time.  The second half was a really tight battle, but with two and half minutes to go Ren put GB in the lead (yahoo!).  Some how luck was with the Germans, and they slotted in an equaliser and then a winner before time.

So, so hard after such a brilliant championships, supporters gutted.

The men had just one match for 9/10 place against Sweden - quite normal! Same happened last year at the worlds - and we lost!!  But... today GB men sparkled like the water, rejoiced in the sunshine and decided to send coach Adrian off with a good feeling about this weird game of basketball on water!

 [Men attack Sweden]

 [Men's coach Adrian a bit happier!]

Goals rained in from Joey, Olly, Matt, Dan, Gallin and Ross... Sweden looked completely at a loss for ideas, and our men stuck the smiles back on all their bronzed faces! (9-0!)

The women had to play the second leg of their 5/6 playoff... 'Czech Rep revisited'! (First round won 6-2)  This time they decided to set themselves a bit of a challenge, and went down 3-1 by half time.  Some sort of team magic was shared at the team talk and the GB girls bounced back to 'normal service' in the second half sticking seven more goals in.  Final score 8-5 winners, claiming 5th place.

Afterwards, when all our matches had finished we learnt;

- Jamie Thomson got chucked in the pond by the grateful girls!?

- Coach Adrian gracefully received his painting from the chaps (Hungary vs. GB!), who then headed for the nearest restaurant 

- Nicole decided to sell her boat... Any offers?

- The young 'bucks' pulled themselves together to put their minds on a good party, and then address plans for the Autumn

Well done GB!  You have been solid entertainers over the past few days.  Every team that set up to play you, knew that they had a tough game on.  

So the weary, burnt supporters slithered off home to cooler climes, and their Google maps to locate Siracusa for the Worlds! 

Happy memories - go GB!

Final results:


1 Germany, 2 Italy, 3 France, 4 Denmark (GB 9)


1 Germany, 2 France, 3 Netherlands, 4 Switzerland (GB 5)

U21 Men

1 France, 2 Denmark, 3 Germany, 4 GB

U21 Women

1 Germany, 2 Poland, 3 France, 4 GB

 [Dedicated Matt Blackmore]

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Scorching Saturday

Phew... S'hot! Some of us supporters got to the lake ages before the play - calm, blue sky, silvery still water and not a kayak in sight, in half an hour it would be a very different story.

  [Supporter's cake run]

But first news from the 'Athletes Village'... Gory update concerning tick removal, involving DIY tools and alcohol. The fat tick was mostly removed by Ross and a pair of sterilised pliers, but the final part was surgically extricated by a professional thank goodness! Jamie introduced a new hydration regime for the girls... 20 press up's issued to anyone seen without their water bottle.

  [Matt post 'Op']

To the Polo... The Men were today swash buckling their way through group G, with matches against Ukraine - a modest 9-0 win involving several practice plays set up by Adrian, which involved hide and seek behind the back of the goal.  Later the Men had us all on the edge of our seats as they ground out a 3-2 win over Portugal, and then finally we and they were exasperated with the nip and tuck game against Ireland (good to see Joey launching a 'big one' early in the second half).

The Women were having to play a double round robin in group F, the women wanted to improve results in their return matches. After a shaky start against the Netherlands (3-1 down at half time) they moved up the gears to win 7-3, with some brilliant team plays. They then lost to Switzerland 7-4, placing them 3rd in the group and sending them to a 5/6 playoff against the Czech Republic (first leg comfortably won 6-2).

 [Women vs Czech Republic]

The U21 men psyching up for the big game against Germany... always a tough one!  Optimism grew as Ren won the sprint (he's very quick that boy) and Nathan slotted in an early goal, but then Germany took a total of 4, leaving our lads somewhat dejected but still in the semi-finals tomorrow. "Go boys" (France 08:35 local time)

 [U21's chilling before their Semi]

At 9 o'clock the U21 girls launched a mighty battle against the Netherlands, who never really looked in the game.  6 of our players rattled in 10 goals to a Dutch empty score sheet (Nicole getting her hat trick).  This result places them in the semi-finals tomorrow against Poland at 08:00 local time (guess we'll be up early again tomorrow!). The girls spent the rest of the day supporting the other GB teams with some great vocals and team spirit, so much so that the German TV crew came to investigate, well done girls!

  [Get your hair sorted Holly]

The frazzled, flagging supportes have been scratting around for shade and could be seen crawling under staging and hiding under promotional gimmicks, more sun tomorrow and hopefully some medals!

  [Martin Scorsese]

Go GB!


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Friday from the Europeans!

Good afternoon to the Polo Passionate... us supporters - after hanging most of our luggage out to dry - were out, up and at'em early this morning, basking in glorious sunshine. 

News from the Athletes Village!! Gallin has been fustrated by the amount of cabbage served - not part of his diet! Matt Fletcher rushed to A&E (to remove a parasitic beast from his torso (tick!) Local real artist making a 'killing' selling 'live' polo paintings to several GB supporters.  

The main business of the day was the remainder of the group games... A real test of supporters nerve, courage and flag waving! (One dedicated fan sustained a repetitive strain injury needing attention from the first aid station - see photo) 

The U21 men started early against Italy. Sun shone, Italians looked gorgeous, but George and Suryan were both on target and GB won 4-3, progressing to the top pool.  The women played Poland next, Nicole opened the score sheet and our girls slotted in 4 to no response. The men's crunch match was against Italy (do or die game) half time was 4-3 to Italy, with a selection of Montgomery goals, but 3 very annoying penalties to Italy showed their superiority in theatrical performance (Luca productions!) this left GB coaches wondering if our lads should be booked into drama school? Game finished 8-4 down, leaving some very dejected athletes.  This result put the Men into the lower pool and the first match here against Hungary was a 7-2 win.

U21 men had a very organised game against Netherlands. The lads pulled their way back from 1-0 down, securing a 3-1 win and giving them a good chance of a semi-final place. They play Germany at 15:45 tomorrow, local time.  U21 women spent a difficult time battling against the French, goals from Holly, Rhian and Beth were sadly not enough, with France winning 11-5.   The women topped group B and went into round 2 with matches against Netherlands (lost 5-4), and Switzerland (draw 2-2). Weirdly these 2 matches are repeated tomorrow for a chance of a semi final place. 

The afternoon was spent relaxing in the sunshine, capturing shots of intense training talks (see photos) and mascot mischief (see photo).




Tune in tomorrow, for more news! 

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Thursday at the Europeans

Good evening fans! 

The sad, soggy supporters have grown webbed feet! It has poured with rain all day and not even rain hardy Brits could survive this enslaught! 

      [soggy spectators]

News from the camps... Apparently Suryan is confident enough to not need any paddles, he lost them earlier but some nice person returned them. Little brother Shiv is now fully recovered after carrying the flag yesterday. Pete Montgomery has had his car door wrecked by some young German driver, but he is using duct tape to keep the water out, Pozer is very impressed.  Alan Vessey and family and Ginny Coyles arrived today to sample to Essen rain... Not impressed!

Sadly several GB brollys are struggling under the weight of the water. 

The day of course, was brightened by the Polo, the Men opening with a 9-2 win against Russia; the Women ripping up the Czech Republic 10-4, despite some decidedly dodgy ref calls, new members to the squad Deano and Louise scored their first Championship goals; the U21 boys sparkled their way to a 13-1 win over Lithuania, with young Shiv opening the scoring, brother Suryan getting 5 and Jack on a hat trick; and the U21 girls found their team 'feet' in a tricky match against Germany (they lost 6-1, but put up a great competition).

Goal-fest arrived on pitch 1 when the Men played Ukraine, winning 24-0 (unheard of!) Apparently coach Adrian was asked by the ref at half time to go easy on them!*!*! sadly GB Men could not contain Denmark in the closing grey light of the day, losing 3-2. The Danish coach was exasperated with the vocal support from the GB Women.  One more group match versus Italy tomorrow.

Great news for the Women, they beat Denmark 9-1, Aimee Robson scoring a double hat trick.  

The U21 Men had a storming game against France late afternoon, leading 2-0 after three and a half minutes, with goals from Nathan and Jack. France eventually clawed their way back to win 4-2.

[check out the score]

The U21 Women had a hugely impressive win against Italy 6-1 with Holly Pratt demonstrating just how easy it is to tip the Italian girls in! This became infectious and everyone was up for some one on one action. They later lost to Poland 7-1 which we don't want to talk about! 

Looking forward to a rain free day tomorrow, more news later.

[Louise and Deano!]

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Polo European champs blog 2015

Dear fans!

The GB supporters have arrived in force at Essen to support our 4 teams at the European champs this summer...we have brought the good weather for them and a lot of union flags and pizza!

Our teams are accommodated at two sites....one in a hotel in the town and one in a sort of scout hut by the lake!!  You always know it will be an interesting GB supporters trip when you pack torches, a drum and a pair of curtains!!  But some of the GB men had no curtains at the scout hut so we had to rally to the call.....hoping they all get a good nights sleep tonight....

The opening Ceremony saw a lot of translated German speeches, the local gym club jigging about to "Frozen" and  some Oscar Pistorious look alikes bouncing into some big aerials very close to the waters edge! The fireworks were excellent and all have gone to bed very happy but anxious for tomorrow.....

First up will be the men playing at 9.00 am local time against Russia ; Women under 21 s play at  10.10 against Germany; The women play The Czech Republic at 10.40 and the first Men's U21 game is at 13.20 against Lithuania.

All matches should appear on the live TV stream..... www.canoepolo-ec.com/live-stream

Timetable of matches and results can be found at www.canoepolo-ec.com/schedule

More news tomorrow

the supporters crew x

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