International Tournaments

There are numerous national / international tournaments played throughout the year and especially over the summer.  A list of one's we're aware of are listed below.  If you'd like a tournament adding to the list - just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 2016

7th-8th Charleroi, Belgium.  Organised by Charleroi Canoe Club.

Date TBC DC International, Essen, Germany.  Organised by Rothe Mule. 

21st-22nd Amsterdam Open, Holland.  Organised by Michiel de Ruyter.

June 2016

4th-5th Liverpool (Merseyside International). Organised by FoA Canoe Club 

July 2016

2nd-3rd Hull International. Organised by Kingston Canoe Club

9th-10th 27° Franco Baschirotto Memorial Challenge Trophy organised by Natisone Kayak Club

30th-31st London International.  Organised by Meridian Canoe Club.

August 2016

6th - 7th 21st Welsh Open International.  Organised by Dragon Canoe Club.  [Entry Form]

6th - 7th Welsh International.  Organised by Bridgend Canoe Club.

20th-21st Dikkebus International.

13th-14th Gent (Belgium) International.  Organised by Gekko Canoe Club

September 2016

17th-18th TBC Breizh Cup, Acigne, France.  Organised by Acigne Canoe Club.


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